What readers are saying

Bryan’s fiction takes his readers into his characters’ lives with cinematic precision, illuminating specific moments that reveal something deep and true about the human psyche. Ranging from the weird to the ordinary, each of Bryan’s stories exposes in startling prose that fragile thing always under the surface, leaving readers both satisfied and wanting more.
— Maria Brandt, author of All the Words

It’s impressive how much Bryan conveys to the reader in such an economy of words.
— Scott Knapp, life-long writer

Bryan’s ability to take moments in time and put them on a page is fantastic. His dialogue feels natural, his characters are personable, and his stories are tough to put down.
— Lili Gourley, writer

Bryan consistently puts out interesting and provocative pieces that push boundaries. His work is raw, uncomfortable, and reveals truths about humanity that are difficult for us to face. Bryan invites us into his exploration of honesty, and the freedom that lies in that, through exquisite imagery and a touch of playfulness. This is exactly what makes his work echo.
— Abby Grasta, writer