Audio recognition

Ugh, what’s this song? I really like it!

Problem statement

We all know about the struggle of being somewhere in public, liking the song that’s playing, and not knowing what it is. There are apps including Shazam that offer audio recognition with the ability to link to Spotify, but there should be a more direct way for Spotify users to find and play music all in one location.

Proposed solution

Introducing Spotify’s own audio recognition feature. Now users can discover new music in the same place they listen to it. This is a more direct and seamless audio recognition experience for users where they can immediately add the track to a playlist, save it to their library, or share it with others without having to navigate between two separate apps.

To use the audio recognition feature the user needs to tap the audio waves icon above the search bar.


Once the audio is recognized, the user will be able to do everything they’d be able to do if they were on the track or podcast’s page.