Jury Duty App Case Study


Make jury duty less of a hassle for busy professionals and full-time students.


Create an app for those that get summoned for jury duty that will help organize important juror information, instructions for reporting to court, getting paid, requesting postponement, and other essential needs.


To learn more about the struggles users have when they’ve been summoned for jury service, I used my firsthand experience, talked to other jurors on my case and in the jury room, and asked people who have previously served as a juror, questions about what their experience was like. Below are some of the most common or insightful nuggets of feedback I received about the process of being summoned for jury service.

  • I don’t know where to park, or where I’m going once I get there.
  • I wish there was an easier or quicker way to get paid.
  • It’d be nice to have an easier way to postpone jury service.
  • They don’t tell you anything about how the process works. I would’ve liked to know how they select jurors.
  • I wish I didn’t have to call the commissioner’s office if I had a question.
  • If you were able to complete the mandatory informational form digitally, you wouldn’t have to bring any paperwork to court.
  • If I knew more about the selection process, I could’ve planned easier for what to bring.
  • Sometimes it’s hard comparing the different parking garages, their location, their prices, walking distance to the Hall of Justice.
  • I hate having to call or go to a website and select my county every time I need to check for reporting instructions.
  • There should be a easier way to arrange for disability accommodations.

A day in the life of a user

This map follows the journey of the user as they try to complete certain tasks in the Jury Duty app, including filling out forms, finding parking, using the HelpBot when there are any problems, checking in when they arrive at the courthouse, and getting paid quickly and conveniently through the app.

The user receives a jury summons in the mail. At the beginning of the user’s journey, they are frustrated and overwhelmed. Gradually, with the features of this Jury Duty app, they feel more confident and prepared to make their jury service go smoothly.

The important must-have features...

Ideation & wireframing

The sketches below represent designs that offer the most sought-after information front and center, creating a seamless and intuitive user interface.

Interactive Prototype

To explore all the screens I created, view the interactive prototype on Figma and scroll, click, and use it just as you would on your iPhone.