Welcome to my Spotify projects page.

As a UX/UI Designer with an interest in the technology and music industries, I have taken on a number of personal projects related to Spotify. While there have been many companies that have shaped the way we listen to music, none of them compare to Spotify. Check out my projects below.

Bump it

This project adds a new “bump it” feature that allows users to more easily and conveniently share albums, playlists, or podcasts with others.

Artist page reimagined

This project updated some of Spotify’s UI to fit more content on the screen when a user first gets to an artist’s profile page, and it adds a ticket-buying feature for the artist’s upcoming shows, and a place to buy the artist’s official merchandise.

Audio recognition

This project offers a more direct way for Spotify users to find and play music all in one location, and it creates a seamless audio recognition experience for users.

Search by location

Finding music or artists from a particular country can be difficult. This feature will allow users to easily explore music and podcasts from diverse cultural origins.

In-app subscription management

This project offers an easier way for Spotify users on mobile to management their premium subscription directly in the app.

The projects above are not currently associated with Spotify Technology S.A.