UI Challenges

Frequently, I will complete a visual design prompt and post it here.

App icon

This is an app icon for an electric vehicle maker. Electric vehicles are the entry point into the future of disruptive technology which is why the steering wheel is clean and modern, representing the future.

User profile

This design is a user’s profile on a gaming platform. Usually my designs are constricted to an iPhone layout, but I challenged myself to not pick a particular device and to just design with no borders.

Landing page

For this prompt, I created the landing page for an art gallery’s website. This design is simple, clean, and puts art in the spotlight.

Component of check out

I created the component of a check out screen where you add a payment method. Instead of filling in a number of text boxes, you’re able to click right onto the image of a credit card to input the card’s information. The illustration creates a clearer and simpler way to add a payment method while also making a more interactive experience for the user.